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Meet Us

Dan Gordon


Pastor Dan originally pastored Faith from 1982-1999 before pastoring in KY and MI. Dan and his wife, Sharon, have 2 adult children, and nine grandchildren.

Dave Cholewinski

Worship Leader



Dave has been a member of the church since 1990 and in addition to his titles above, he also delivers lessons to the church. Dave and his wife, Gina, have 3 adult children.

Gina Cholewinski

Sunday School Ages 5-12

Gina has been a member of the church for over 30 years. She, and her husband Dave have three adult children.

Ben Gordon

Worship Leader

Ben is currently serving the church as a Worship Leader and he also delivers Bible lessons to the church. Ben and his wife, Jenn, have three children.

Sharon Gordon


Sharon has been playing piano in church for over 50 years. Sharon and her husband, Pastor Dan, have two adult children, and nine grandchildren.

Jenn Gordon


Sunday School Ages 2-5

Jenn has been Pianist for 8 years and teaching ages 2-5 for 5 years. Jenn and her husband, Ben, have three children.

34 West Streamwood Boulevard

Streamwood, Illinois 60107

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