COVID-19 Policy

As we resume assembling in person, due to the fact that some of us are in contact with a wide variety of people throughout the week, and the very limited space that we have in our building, and out of love for one another and a concern for the safety and wellbeing of one another, we will now require masks to be worn when entering and exiting the building, and also when moving around inside the building.  If you leave your seat for any reason, we ask that you are sure that your mask is in place before you leave your seat and that it remains in place until returning to your seat.  Masks may be removed when sitting in your seat as long as you are sitting with your family or by yourself. If not sitting with family, your mask needs to remain in place;  the other option would be to socially distance.  The church will provide disposable masks for anyone that needs one.  

Anyone with an underlying medical condition, or disability, that makes it challenging for them to comply with mask wearing, please talk to Pastor Dan Gordon, and we will try to accommodate your needs.